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Shortly after Raven purchased Center Staging they requested a new website to give the company a fresh image and make it easier to use for both customers and staff. They wanted a site that was structurally similar to their own but distinctive enough that to have its own identity. I designed the layout to parallel Raven's while the color scheme, font selection, and overall style created a new look for the company. In addition to the website, I redesigned the company's logo to make it feel contemporary while staying close enough to the existing branding that they could gradually phase it on their trucks, uniforms signage, etc., avoiding costly upgrades.

The client wanted a fully custom web design while being able to maintain content themselves. WordPress was a natural choice that provided a user friendly admin and a healthy ecosystem of plugins to handle the image gallery, sliders, and other content needs. To increase performance I provided an expanded set of srcset images, applied lazy-loading, and used CloudFlare to deliver a cached version of the site and lower latency.

Custom icon illustrations for the rental services section

The bulk of the content is in the rental services section. On their previous website all of their services were listed in a single sidebar menu that lacked visual hierarchy and overwhelmed the user with choices. I added a category page and illustrated icons to make it easier to for users to find the types of equipment that they need.

For the Build section I edited a video to show the company in action as an organized and effective team. It sets out to convey in a fun way the scope of their work, the type of equipment they have available, and what a client can expect when they hire Center Staging.

Nigel Lyons
Raven PMG